Diner on the Norwegian Jewel

Gary, Ann, Star, Louie, Dad, Mom, Pam & Jeff

Mom & Dad at Cathedral Square

Messina, Italy

Messina, Italy Cafe

Jeff, Star, Louie & Pamela

Pamela on the Marina Grande

Isle of Capri, Italy

Gary and Ann

at Sorrento, Italy

Pam & Jeff in Pompeii

at the entrance to the 'Macellum'

Pam on the streets of Pompeii

the street 'Via Di Mecurio' as seen from the 'Arch of Caligula'

Mill Stones & Ovens

4th Century B.C. in Pompeii, Italy

Pam at the 'Temple of Apollo'

Pompeii, Italy cir. 4th century B.C.

the Colosseum

Rome, Italy

Pam & Jeff in 'the Pantheon'

built by Emperor Adriano and the best preserved ancient Roman building.

Jeff taking on a Roman Gladiator

at 'Trevi Fountain' in Rome, Italy

Pam, Mom & Jeff

at 'Fountain of Trevi', one of Rome's most spectacular works of art.

Pam & Jeff

at the 'Fountain of the Four Rivers' in 'Piazza Navona'

Interior of St. Peter's Basilica

in 'Vatican City'

Pam in St. Peter's Basilica

in 'Vatican City'

Pam at St. Peter's Basilica

overlooking 'St. Peter's Square'

Pam in St. Peter's Square

facing 'St. Peter's Basilica' and 'the Sistine Chapel'

Jeff renewing his love and devotion to Pam

in St. Peter's Square

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Dad, Mom, Louie, Star, Pam & Jeff

Jeff holding up the Leaning Tower

Pisa, Italy

Star at the Varramista Vineyards

in the 'Tuscan' Countryside

the Village of Villefranche

Villefranche offers access to all the cities of the French Riviera

Gary & Ann

overlooking Nice, France

Pam having breakfast

in our suite on the Norwegian Jewel.