Emma Yaw Picture with This Person

Personal Data:
Item Date Place/Description
Birth 26 Nov 1880
Death 20 Jul 1962 North Tonawanda, New York

Parent Name
Father William Yaw
Mother Margaret L. Jacobs


Merville Copeland Picture with This Person

Daughter: Marion Copeland  Born: 21 Oct 1899
Daughter: Helen Copeland  Born: 12 May 1905
Daughter: Myra E. Copeland  Born: 11 Jul 1907
Daughter: Mary Margaret Copeland  Born: 21 Nov 1912
Daughter: Avis Jean Copeland  Born: 19 Apr 1919
Daughter: Estella Ruth Copeland  Born: 2 Oct 1924
Son: Carl Francis Copeland List of Pictures with This Person Born: 8 Mar 1909
Son: Edward W. Copeland  Born: 31 May 1901